MadHouse is a scorer app for darts on your phone or tablet!

Score darts wherever you are playing

Score boards for 301, 501, 901 and more!

Player profiles with detailed stat tracking

Improve your darts scoring and results!

Easy to use and intuitively designed

This is Madhouse Darts Scorer

The original darts game scorer app for iOS, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPod and iPad. Accept no imitation!

Keep track of each dart thrown and scored with in real time for a wide range of Darts games ranging from 301 to 901, Cricket, Bermuda Triangle and Gotcha.

If you're a pub darts or Pro darts player, grab your arrows and head on over to the darts corner with MadHouse as your companion, you’ll be throwing premier league darts in no time!

MadHouse Darts Scorer enter score screen on iPhone 5

Multiplayer madness

Play with up to four friends simultaneously in x01 mode and up to two players in party game mode.

Got no friends? MadHouse can help! Play against the MadHouse Dart bots, modelled on the skills of real world darts players, in a full four player x01 knockout type tournament!

MadHouse Darts Scorer 4 player game of 501 on iPhone 5

Madly easy to use

All scores are recorded on a throw by throw basis and require just one button press. No more arguments over arithmetic after a few sherbets!

In x01 mode MadHouse will calculate your score immediately to record you best throws, best (or worst) scores, suggest checkouts and update the checkouts if you miss a dart.

MadHouse Darts Scorer enter score screen on iPad